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About us

Overview of the company

Pune is one of the best cities having its different & standard taste, one has to give their best efforts to make Pune people happy and satisfied. Pune is famous for many things & their base has been always “service”yet there are all type of brands have been successful in their business out of the appreciation given by the city. When it comes to service providing organization like us, there were, there are & there will be many organizations but the love & trust showered on the GO LEISURE INTERNATIONAL brand is remarkable. That has been always boosting our confidence towards serving maximum people with the best possible services .We feel lucky to have our base & head office in Pune. We consider success is not measured by how much revenue is generated or how many properties are owned its totally measured by the number of happy families that are associated with us. We believe in improving , moving & growing . We are spreading happiness, our tagline says .....“FOR EVERY HEART”.... Yes it is, we have VACATIONS for newly married couples, senior citizens, middle aged people etc. GYM for all age groups, We organize EVENTS that can be enjoyed with entire family, SUMMERCAMPS for kids, all under one roof. And it is all done according to our client needs & demands,basically we have been flexible when it comes to serving our members.

About Us

“Two roads diverged in a wood and I took the one less travelled and that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost.

One of the Leading organization in hospitality industry. since years. standing firm by serving with quality & with genuine efforts. Most trusted brand of the city. Flexible in terms of providing services. Our clients come from various distinguished backgrounds like government servants, retiredjudges , families from education sector , army officers , middleclass , businessclass , page3 , newlymarried , seniorcitizens , etc . We have strived hard to reach where we are, and we will continue to do so, by provide best services to you possible.



We would like to have our own properties across the famous destinations of the country
To be in the top 10 in gdp of india.
To get listed in stock exchange by becoming public limited firm.
Come with more ventures which would be helpful contributing for our economy.

our mission

We have been successfully able to produce an employment , our first mission is to try and overcome the poverty by providing maximum possible employment.
Our responsibility doesn't end just by hiring people we would like to make people capable of being eligible by forming schools, highschools , colleges etc.
We would like to comeup with our own hospitals where the charges & expenses will be as low as possible for all the classes of the society.
We would be starting our first ngo by the name of '' goleisureinternational social foundation
We would like to contribute our efforts & be a part of swacha bharat abhiyan
To make maximum people happy & satisfied .

our history

The organization started with the small numbers with employees & members with clear intention of serving with the best possible services now we are happy to reach more than 9000 families & crores of turnover which keeps increasing monthly as this industry is totally dependant on the quality service. the campus where we have our head office is where we started our first office, the premises is one of the expensive & branded commercial complexes of the city PUNE. Organization started with 25 employees now no with as more than 250 employees which are divided into3-4offices at prime locations across PUNE & MUMBAI. Around 200 are working with various branches & 50+are floating. We had been criticized but now there are lot of appreciations & awards & compliment had been received since years, we always belive "its just a beginning" whenever we achieve something we want to create history by doing many things but we surely do not want to become a history.